Of Jelec's many concerns, none are more important than the safety of our most valuable asset, our employees. The prevention of injury is therefore a primary management responsibility.

It is the policy of Jelec to strive for the highest job safety standards at all times. Safety does not occur by chance. It is the result of careful attention to all Jelec operations by those who are directly and indirectly involved. Employees at all levels shall work diligently to execute the Company's policy to maintaining safety and occupational health.

The Company's Safety Program has been developed to assure compliance with State and Local regulations. It is the obligation of all employees to be knowledgeable of the standards established by these agencies and to implement the rules and regulations contained thereon on projects under their direction.

Regard for the Safety of the general public, the Company's own employees and the employees of the Company's sub-contractors is the responsibility of all levels of our organization. We intend to prevent any human suffering. Accidents, even minor ones, cause pain, both physical and mental. Prevention of injury and illness is a goal well worthy of our achieving.

A safe operation is organized, clean, and efficient. If every employee views accidents in the same way we consider all other aspects of our operations, we will be a better position not only to control accidents, but also to improve the total performance of Jelec, it is therefore of utmost importance that all aspects of our Safety Program be strictly adhered to and that the intent of this program be followed to the letter. Any recommendations to improve our Safety Program are encouraged.

When local specific safety rules are established, each location is encouraged to insert an appendix within the topic section; however, it is not recommended that the appendix restate rules that are already stated within other sections.

Customer involvement is a necessary and important part of the Company's program. Their attitudes of, and approach to, safety provides the foundation from which we build our program and perform our day-to-day duties.

All employees must be committed to our safety program if is to be effective. Individuals with outstanding records will be recognized and reward for their efforts. We will provide all necessary tools and equipment, encouragement and management support to achieve excellence in safety performance so the Jelec's safety program will be a standard by which others in our industry will be measured.