Digital Public Address Emergency Alarm System

Founded in October 1996, Jelec, Inc. is an Electrical, Instrumentation, and Control Systems Engineering company that offer and provide the following solutions:

  • Engineering: Basic & Detail Engineering
  • Turn Key Projects : Power Houses, MCC Buildings, etc.
  • Project Management : EPIC projects, Land Rig Construction, etc.
  • Drilling : Control and Instrumentation Systems
  • Automation: Tank Gauging, Ballast control, VMS, IAS, etc.
  • Safety: Fire & Gas Detection, ESD, Emergency Response Systems
  • CCTV : Analog & IP Cameras
  • Telecommunication: Telephone, PAGA, PAEAS, Wireless Phone, etc.
  • Entertainment Systems
  • LAN

Jelec is dedicated to providing quality service through a fully controlled quality system and procedure. Equally important, Jelec pays strict and special attention to safety. As part of our overall quality management system, we promote good safety practices and encourage all employees to participate in our safety program.

We firmly believe that Jelec has much to offer for your business, both in terms of our ever-growing capabilities, and demonstrated dedication to the world developments.

Thank you for your interest in our company.