Public Addess Emergency Alarm System

In Partnership with Bosch USA and based on the Solas Certified Praesideo Public address, Public address and Emergency Evacuation System, Jelec has developed this new Public Address and Emergency Alarm System for the Oil and Gas Industry. Fully digital Public Address, this PAEAS offers the best sound quality with a minimum cost installation.

Fully digital

The PAEAS is based on fully digital signal processing. The commutation between the units is achieved via fiber optic cables.

System Design

According to the Regulatory Body (ABS, DNV, Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, etc…) the system can be configured as follow

  • N+1 : one (1) panel with a hot standby Amplifier
  • A + B: two (2) panels. Each zone are covered by two (2) loops, from from System A, the other one from System B Panel.

Remote controlled via Internet

The Public Address and Emergency Alarm System can be configured either remotely via the internet or locally. The system is supplied with a user-friendly interface and an extensive event logging for diagnostic purposes.

The system also delivers a long range of new innovative features, i.e. up to 16 calls in queue, integrated storage of calls to prevent acoustic feed-back, background music, AVC, equalizing, hot standby amplifiers, loop supervision, system fault detection etc.

When power consumption, heat and space are an issue

The power amplifiers are class D amplifiers characterized by very high efficiency (up to 97%). Class D amplifiers are available as 8 x 60 Watt, 4 x 125 Watt, 2 x 250 Watt, 1 x 500 Watt amplifiers.

Call stations

A wide range of call/access stations are available. Both EXd, EXm and non-ex call stations can interface to the central system via fiber or copper cables. The PAEAS also supports a PC based call station that gives access to zone selection via TCP/IP and graphic displays.

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