Land Rigs

Jelec can deliver fully turn-key multi-environment land drilling rigs tailored for both oil & gas and geothermal applications.

Energy Storage Systems

Jelec is equipped to deliver turn-key multi-environment Jelec’s Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is a comprehensive and proven solution that includes battery units and battery management system software.


Electrification by Jelec
Jelec specializes in providing a wide range of environmentally friendly solutions and products designed to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Electric Frac Units

Oil & Gas Operators are showing a growing interest in adopting clean-burning fuel as a power source for their hydraulic fracking fleets. Jelec presents electric frac, or e-frac, fleets that utilize electric-driven pumps, typically powered by natural gas turbine generating units.

Electrical, Controls &

Jelec offers custom-designed power solutions, control systems, automated pipe handling equipment, and drilling automation.

Safety and Telecom Systems

Jelec provides the oil and gas industries with a comprehensive selection of reliable and proven safety and telecommunication systems.
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