Safety and Telecom Systems

Communication System

Jelec delivers a unified communication package tailored-made for land rigs applications. The package has been designed for simplicity of operation and reduced equipment footprint. Our know-how and long experience on the supply / installation and commissioning of such systems for any type of drilling rigs will help you specify the best devices and determine their locations to achieve the best coverage at a reasonable cost while meeting any operational requirements.

CCTV System

The Jelec CCTV System is based on next generation HD (High-Definition) camera solutions. composite cable runs and making the system easily

Fire & Gas Detection

Jelec fire and gas safety systems are expertly designed for oil and gas applications, offering both standalone and networked solutions, including redundancy and SIL 2 compliance. Our reliable systems ensure robust protection in demanding global operations.

Emergency Response

Jelec wireless telephones enable timely responses to emergencies. They can seamlessly integrate with facility safety systems via text messaging and include a ‘Man Down’ safety monitoring system, offering effective risk mitigation during time-sensitive situations.

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