Land Drilling Rigs

Oil & Gas and Geothermal


Jelec provides everything from conceptual design, front end engineering (FEED) studies, detailed design, and fabrication, to rig-up and commissioning.

We have the expertise to deliver the turn-key projects and/or the engineering services you desire. Jelec delivers, whether it is comprehensive engineering solutions for a new drilling facility, custom upgrades to your existing rigs, or consultation on the best approach to equipment and system integration.

Our in-house design and engineering team helps you meet your challenges by finding innovative and efficient solutions, adding real value by reducing the cost of drilling operations.

Drilling Equipment Integration

Jelec, we understand that one drilling package design – one brand rig equipment – doesn’t fit all. We will work with you on an individual basis to determine your unique rig design needs.

We integrate the drilling and pipe handling equipment (drawworks, top drive, mud pumps, iron roughneck, catwalk, etc.) from your choice of equipment manufacturer.

Environmental Friendly Drilling Rig Design

We design and build multi-environmental drilling land rigs, for conventional and unconventional petroleum resources, which can operate in residential/urban areas, National Parks / Reserves, or any protected environment during animal migration seasons.

  • Energy Saving / Lower Fuel
  • Low Emissions (Tier IV)
  • Low Noise (Less than 85dbA at 1 meter)
  • Zero Discharge
  • Less Visible Impact (Camouflage)
  • Lighting Pollution Optimization

Drilling Control System

The Drilling Control System (DCS) is at the heart of your drilling rig operations. At Jelec we focus on research that improves the operating environment. Our DCS provides safe operations, user friendly controls and optimized efficiency of the equipment and drilling process.

An open-architecture is one of the main features for the system. The capability to customize applications to suit your requirements and for rig personnel to make modifications to the system without requiring Jelec personnel on-site. All system data is available for on-site or remote monitoring and interface with any 3rd party system.

Our system can be customized to suit your specific requirements (e.g. condition monitoring based on motor current and vibration is available for predictive maintenance).

Driller’s Cabin

In collaboration with customers, Jelec designs and provides custom-fit Driller’s Cabin for safe and hazardous areas.

Pipe Handling Equipment and Automation

The purpose of the pipe handling system is mainly to move operators away from risk areas and secondly to guarantee a safer environment by automating repetitive, strenuous and dangerous tasks.


Power Distribution


Jelec complete engineering solutions reduce operational costs, increase safety, enhance drilling and equipment optimization / performance. Jelec’s focus is on the manufacturing of custom-designed power solutions including power distribution, automation & control system and power control room (PCR). This enables smooth integration between all aspects of a project (eliminating finger pointing that comes from multi-supplier solution).

Power Management System

Jelec Power Management System ensures the best energy consumption in class for safest and most economic operation of the rig. Its task is to make sure that the electrical system is safe and efficient. If the power consumption is larger than the power production capacity, load shedding is used to avoid blackout. The power management will also guide the operator to select the optimal number of engines to be running depending on the operating conditions.

Variable Frequency Drives

We offer a compact designed and developed range of Variable Frequency Drive Systems with latest technology, high performance, and a user friendly concept. We have the experience and know how to provide you with the best drive for your application. The drive system is engineered utilizing a common DC bus design. Grouped drives are available for the most cost-efficient and functional drive system architecture.

Rig Energy Storage System

The system provides storage of electrical energy using state of the art Lithium Ion LTO Batteries to load balance the engine operation on drilling rigs (drawworks peak shaving) and to optimize the number of running diesel generators in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.