Energy Storage Systems

BESS: Jelec Battery Energy Storage System

In the transition to a decarbonized electric power system, variable renewable energy  (VRE) resources such as wind and solar photovoltaics play a vital role due to their availability, scalability, and affordability. However, the degree to which VRE resources can be successfully deployed to decarbonize the electric power system hinges on the future availability and cost of energy storage technologies.

Battery Energy Storage Systems help make better use of electricity system assets, including wind and solar farms, natural gas power plants, and transmission lines. They can defer or eliminate unnecessary invest ment in these capital-intensive assets.

Jelec’s Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is a comprehensive and proven solution that includes battery units and battery management system software. This ensures maximum efficiency and safety for each customer.

The Jelec Battery Energy Storage System consists of, lithium-ion batteries, a Battery / Energy Management System, any necessary DC/DC, or DC/AC power conversion / charging Equipment, a filter to mitigate the level of harmonics, and a reliable Power Management System.

JEMS: Jelec Energy Management System

Battery Management System

Battery Management Systems (BMS) monitor and regulate the charging and discharge of batteries. The battery characteris tics that are monitored include voltages, temperature, capacity, state of charge (SoC), power consumption, remaining operat ing time, charging cycles, and some advanced indicators like State of health (SoH).
The task of battery management systems is to ensure the optimal and safe use of the battery. To avoid loading the batteries, BMS systems protect the batteries from deep discharge and over-voltage. The battery management system also provides a cell balancing function to ensure that different battery cells stay equal, keeping the system in peak performance condition at all times.

Automatic Power Management System

The Jelec Automated Power Management System (JAPMS) is a solution to optimize the number of generator sets in operation and increasing the average efficiency of each generator set. This is achieved by implementing a Load Dependent Starting and Stopping System (LDSS) that automatically turns on and off generator sets based upon specific load and duration criteria. When excess generator usage is eliminated, fuel consumption, running hours, and carbon footprint are all reduced, resulting in significant operating cost savings. Reduced engine hours also result in less rig downtime and significant savings on regular maintenance costs.

Toshiba LTO Technology Batteries

Jelec Battery Energy Storage System is equipped with Toshiba SCiB™ Battery Module using Lithium Titanium Oxide (LTO technology) to achieve excellent characteristics.

Extremely Low Hazard Icon
Extremely Low Hazard
Long Battery Life
Over 20,000 cycles
Rapid Charging Icon
Charged to 80% capacity in 14 minutes
High Input Output Icon
Rapidly achieving high power
Full State of Charge Icon
Full State Of Charge (SOC)
Extreme Temperature Tolerance
Extreme temperature tolerance
High Input Output Icon
Thermal Runaway

Jelec Batteries Rack & BESS Building Design

Battery Rack

  • The Batteries Racks are fully designed by Jelec using FEA (Finite Element
    Analysis) software for structural validation and CFD (Computational Fluid
    Dynamics) software to predict air flow and optimize cooling to each single
    battery module.
  • Finger Safe Battery Racks: no exposed live parts.

BESS Building

  • Automatic Climate Control: necessity to maintain the correct building inside
    temperature to avoid condensation.
  • Scalable in size: storage capacity can easily be adapted to meet capacity


Drilling Rigs
Black Start
O&G Field Microgrid
Renewable Energy Shifting & Smoothing
Momentary Outages
Energy Arbitrage

The Battery Energy Storage System offers highly efficient and cost-effective energy storage solutions to a wide range of customers, including renewable energy producers, conventional thermal power plant operators, transmission and distribution grid operators, industrial electricity consumers, and onshore drilling rigs and Oil & Gas service units.

  • Energy Time Shift / Peak Shaving
  • System Frequency Regulation and Load Balancing
  • Activation and Delivery of energy resources
  • Load Following and Ramping
  • Additional Reserve Capabilities
  • Black Start without using cold-start engine
  • Extended Maintenance Intervals

Battery Energy Storage System

The Jelec Battery Energy Storage System is a scalable and mobile solution engineered for the harsh operating conditions of the Oil and Gas industry.

The system provides storage of electrical energy using state of the art Lithium Ion LTO Batteries to load balance the engine operation on drilling rigs (drawworks peak shaving) and to optimize the number of running diesel generators in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

This solution is particularly well suited for high power cycling, high operating temperature ranges, low maintenance operations and has been designed to easily interface with existing installations.

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