Electrification by Jelec

Electrification by JELEC

The Oil and Gas industry could significantly reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by replacing the diesel engines with electrical motors controlled and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs).

  • Better energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Lower operation and maintenance costs
  • Greater safety and a better work environment
  • Lower operating noise level
Leveraging the BESS system has significant advantages:
  • Reduced fuel consumption and emissions production.
  • Reduced maintenance requirements and longer engine life as a result of more consistent operational loads.
  • Reduced engine generator costs by minimizing the number of sequentially operating generators


Snubbing Unit

Replacement of the Diesel Hydraulic Power Pack with a fully Electrical Hydraulic Power Pack using Electrical Motors controlled by VFDs.

Workover Rigs

Replacement of the Drawworks & Mud Pumps Engines as well as the Top Drive Hydraulic Power Pack with AC Electrical Motors controlled by VFDs.

Service Rigs

Separate the drawworks from the truck diesel engine and replace with AC Electrical motor controlled by VFD.

Alternatively, remove the truck diesel engine and replace it with Batteries. The Service Rigs will move from one well to another with Zero Emissions.

Artificial Lifting

Electrification of High-Pressure Gas Lift Units and Pump Jacks.

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