Electric Frac Units

E-Frac Fleet / Spreads

Oil and gas operators, particularly gas producers, are increasingly evaluating the adoption of cleaner fuel options for their fracking fleets. Electric fracturing, known as e-frac, involves the use of electrically-driven pumps primarily powered by natural gas turbine generators.

Transitioning from diesel to natural gas in fracking fleets offers a solution to reduce emissions and mitigate the carbon footprint linked to hydraulic fracturing activities. In addition to the environmental advantages, operators, particularly those heavily vested in natural gas, are attracted by the increased efficiency and decreased operational expenses.

With over 120 electric pump trailers and 20 electrical blender trailers, Jelec is the biggest E-Frac Fleet integrator in the US.

E-Frac Fleet Vs Diesel


  • Replacing diesel-fueled combustion engines with electric motors in e-frac systems has shown significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduced emission with natural gas when compared to traditional diesel.
  • Minimal Noise: less than 90 dB in contrast to the 120 dB generated by diesel engines.
  • Significantly reduced truck traffic.

Foot Print

  • The footprint can be reduced by 40 to 60% based on the hydraulic power of the pump trailer.

Operations & Maintenance Cost

  • Estimated 30% increase in frac efficiency.
  • E-frac fleets lead to fuel savings, as well as reduced expenses in repair and maintenance.
  • Maintenance-free Transformer, Variable Frequency Drive, and AC Motors.
  • Reduction in operation costs.
  • Reduced personnel needed on site.
  • About 40% reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Minimal spare parts required.

Safe Operations

  • Unlike diesel-hydraulic fracturing units, there is no requirement for hot fueling.